Exercise Classes

We run professional clinical exercise classes for our local community

Clinical Mat Pilates Class (Run by Physiotherapist)

  • Pilates for Women (General Conditioning)


Class suspended untill further notice

Strong & Stable (Group Exercise Class for Seniors)


Due to ongoing health risks associated with COVID19 and our Group Classes held in a facility where social distancing is difficult to uphold; we have made the decision to suspend all Strong and Stable Classes (held at the Miner's Dispensary Boardroom) at this stage. We will reassess the risk to our clients and their safety at this time and advise whether a further suspension is necessary or hopefully advise a restart date.

We hope you understand that our decision to further suspend all Classes has been made in the best interests of our most vulnerable clients.

In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and well and look forward to seeking you again in the future.

Hydrotherapy (One-on-one session with physiotherapist for client rehabilitation)


Every Friday 2:00PM-3:30PM at Broadbeach Resort, Inverloch .

Please note that all participants have to undergo initial Pilates assessment for Pilates Class & exercise safety screening for Strong & Stable (fee $10) prior to attending the class. Call on 03 5632 3804 or email at admin@myphysioclinic.com.au for registration/enquiries.